First Aid Policy Ideas




Involve purchasing a resource:


Free resources: Management/Safety Manual - generic.doc



Personal Experience:

I use a “Cut and Run” policy.  This policy is very simple.  When someone has a medical emergency in the worship center during an event I follow this procedure:

  1. A request for emergency medical assistance was sent via radio to all Security and Sound tech personnel. Event sound techs have a radio to use in such emergencies.

  2. All security personnel monitoring their radio would immediately respond to the request.

  3. Security personnel are to immediately assess and issue a cell phone call to 911 for an EMT emergency need.

  4. Security personnel are then to make efforts to take the person out of the worship center as soon as possible and wait for EMT assistance.

  5. Defibrillators are to be stored in the worship center first aid office for emergency use.

  6. Any doctors and nurses present are urged to come to the emergency and assist or lead in administering treatment until EMT's arrive.

  7. If the emergency patient is not able to be moved from the worship center the platform should acknowledge the emergency to the congregation, ask everyone to remain calm, and proceed with the program. If appropriate, a time of prayer and music might draw attention away from the incident and reduce the tension in the room.

  8. Upon arrival, EMT’s should take over all medical issues.

  9. A member of the church staff should accompany the family to the ER.

For all other minor first aid needs there is a first aid room where people with sprains, cuts, diabetic emergencies, fainting, and other such minor medical needs are handled.  The security office is responsible for handling these first aid needs and seeking either 911 assistance, on-site medical personnel, or simply letting the family attend to their loved one.